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Five Geeked Out Fantasies You Can Fulfill Today With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been frequently been alluded to as “geek cash.” The cryptographic money has turned out to be more famous nowadays with more clients and traders joining the decentralized cash into their lives and organizations consistently. Truth be told, there are many energizing items for nerdy specialists officially accessible today that can be acquired with bitcoin.

Geeks Looking to Spend Their Bitcoin on Gear Look No Further


It is presently workable for bitcoiners to end up plainly their most loved Star Wars character by acquiring a laser with their advanced money stash. is a business that represents considerable authority in laser deals and acknowledges an assortment of digital forms of money. For example, for about 0.0986 BTC bitcoin aficionados can buy a handheld laser with an optical energy of around 1300 mW. The laser is named “Bitbrew” after one of the organization’s most loved coffeehouses that acknowledges bitcoin. Bitbrew has a laser wavelength of 445 nm and arrives in a brilliant fluorescent-like blue shading.

Bitlasers likewise has more costly and all the more effective lasers accessible for bitcoin, however the organization cautions these items are not toys. On the off chance that a client is not watchful, these lasers are fit for causing lasting visual deficiency, and also skin harm, and can extremely consume individuals and articles.

Jumping Machines and Mini-Submarines

On the off chance that somebody is hoping to run nautical with their bitcoins they might need to visit the site Bitpremier, which calls itself the “extravagance commercial center for bitcoiners.” obviously, individuals can purchase favor autos and yachts on the site, yet they can likewise buy submarines to voyage into the profound profundities of the sea blue. For example, one advertisement on Bitpremier is offering an “Extreme Diving Machine” that takes after a submarine formed like a shark. For 115 BTC a bitcoiner can buy this two-seater make with an air pocket best shelter. It has a submerged camera framework, numerous viewports, snorkel augmentations, and furthermore accompanies a custom shark paint work and a trailer.

On the off chance that you have further pockets and need to buy an expert review smaller than usual submarine for 2,271 bitcoins, Bitpremier can help you there also. The smaller than expected submarines are fit for plunging down to a profundity of “100 meters to 300 meters with three individuals.” The Bitpremier promotion expresses these little submersibles are quick, with six thrusters for solid streams and sufficiently little to fit on a current super-yacht. Any individual who is hoping to satisfy their Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea dreams can do as such now with bitcoin.

A Trip to Space

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to leave the world’s environment with your bitcoins? Look no further, as Virgin Galactic will take you there and is at present tolerating bitcoin for space flight buys. Virgin Galactic is claimed by the outstanding Bitcoin supporter Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin space group has been building a rocket that can deal with human spaceflight operations and little satellite dispatches. As a ground breaking organization, Virgin Galactic thinks using bitcoin as installment for spaceflight is just characteristic.

“Bitcoin, the virtual money, has truly caught the creative ability as of late as one of the world’s most inventive organizations looking to the future,” clarifies Virgin Galactic. “So we contemplate time Virgin Galactic clients can pay with bitcoins.”

Automatons and Robotics

Since you have a lightsaber, submarine, and a plane ticket to space you may require some well disposed robot buddies. As of now, Bitcoin aficionados can buy flying automatons with their advanced cash and test their aptitudes at ethereal shooting, and conveyance administrations. The UK-based Daedalus Group has been offering rambles for more than two years and offers the flying robots for bitcoins. Besides, the organization has expressed before that both advances will enable each other to develop. Furthermore, the Virginia-based Expert Drones acknowledges the decentralized cash for automaton buys. The organization has practical experience in automaton units, embellishments, repairs, and preparing for both learners and veteran automaton specialists.

Or, on the other hand possibly you are in the market for an automated arm after your dad slashed yours off on the grounds that you didn’t go along with him in decision the domain? All things considered, all things considered, you can buy an arm that uses manmade brainpower, with bitcoin. While examining on the bitcoin dealer site Spendabit there are many mechanical arms available to be purchased, and extras. Those looking for a mechanical arm could pick the Phantom X Pincher that works with Turtlebot programming and offers five degrees of development flexibility.

Medieval Weapons

Perhaps space and submerged sci-fi isn’t your thing, and you’re a nerd who acknowledges medieval weaponry and Lord of the Rings re-sanctioning apparatus. All things considered, you could fill your Brave Heart covet by spending your bitcoins at the Celtic Webmerchant which conveys early medieval swords, Viking weapons, and the sky is the limit from there. Besides, subsequent to marking a fine cutting edge bitcoiners can likewise acquire medieval gems, drinking horns, and oil and stones to hone your fight hatchet.

Bitcoins Can Purchase Many Items That Epitomize the Geek Lifestyle

There are heaps of other geeky devices that can be acquired with bitcoin and this is recently the tip of the chunk of ice. Bitcoiners can likewise buy comic books, Pokemon cards, peculiar tee-shirts, offbeat craftsmanship pieces and numerous more quirky things with the decentralized cash. With Bitcoin being viewed as a money for nerds, having the capacity to buy things that epitomize this geekiness is an or more.

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